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New free kick added

A new free kick was added to Set pieces – Free kick section. This free kick was performed by the Spanish national team and it can be very effective. Read more.

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Futsal shooting training session

There are different types of futsal training sessions (technique, shots, physical condition, defense and so on). I will try to tell you how to structure a futsal training session. In my opinion a futsal training session should last around 90 … Continue reading

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Futsal goalkeeper training

In futsal goalkeepers play a very important role, even more important than in football (soccer). In an 11 a side game the pitch is very big and there are 22 players on it. If a team is much better than … Continue reading

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Futsal set pieces

One of the easiest ways to score in futsal, are certainly set pieces. In a futsal game there are a lot of corners and outs and usually a few free kicks. From these set pieces a team can score a … Continue reading

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Futsal attacking plays

Anyone who has yet played futsal knows that if the opposite team is positioned very low on the pitch or if they are aggressive in defense it becomes difficult to score, because there is not much space for passing the … Continue reading

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Futsal rotations

Because futsal is played in a relatively small pitch, players can’t easily come into scoring situations. Rotations can help players to come into scoring situations more often, because players that are constantly changing positions are much more difficult to defend … Continue reading

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Futsal formations

In futsal there are several formations a team can play. When deciding which formation to play we have to consider different factors such as physical condition, player skills, opposite team skills and so on. To see different futsal formations and … Continue reading

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Futsal defense

In futsal a good defense tactic can be the key for achieving positive results, especially when playing against a better team. Every coach has to prepare his team and individual players on several defense tasks. Futsal tactics in defense can … Continue reading

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