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UEFA Futsal Cup video highlights on our facebook page

Check out video highlights from UEFA Futsal Cup on our facebook page. The link is on the right side. Don’t forget also to like our facebook page. Thank you.

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Futsal shooting training session

There are different types of futsal training sessions (technique, shots, physical condition, defense and so on). I will try to tell you how to structure a futsal training session. In my opinion a futsal training session should last around 90 … Continue reading

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Futsal goalkeeper training

In futsal goalkeepers play a very important role, even more important than in football (soccer). In an 11 a side game the pitch is very big and there are 22 players on it. If a team is much better than … Continue reading

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Futsal defense

In futsal a good defense tactic can be the key for achieving positive results, especially when playing against a better team. Every coach has to prepare his team and individual players on several defense tasks. Futsal tactics in defense can … Continue reading

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