Corner kick

Futsal plays – set pieces – corner kick Dadv

futsal set pieces
Players are positioned as shown on the picture. Player number 3 runs toward the ball, and then he turns around and runs in the opposite direction. At that time player number 4 runs toward the defender who is covering player number 3 and makes him a block. When player number 3 starts running in the opposite direction, player number 1 passes the ball over the defenders to player number 3. Player number 3 shots with a volley on goal. The pass has to be precise and on time otherwise the defenders will take the ball. This corner kick can be performed if the defending team plays man to man defense.

Futsal plays – set pieces – corner kick Eadv

futsal set pieces
This corner kick was performed by the Spanish national futsal team (see video bellow). If properly done it is very effective. Players are positioned in a line about 10m away from goal. Player number 1 passes the ball to player number 2 and runs slowly toward player number 4. Player number 2 passes the ball on first touch to player number 4. In meantime player number 3 runs toward the goal to make space for his teammates. Before receiving the ball player number 4 runs slightly toward the middle of the pitch. Player number 4 passes the ball to player number 1 who stops the ball with the sole. In meantime player number 2 runs slowly toward the middle of the pitch and just before player number 1 receives the ball he changes his direction and speed behind player number 1, toward the goal. Player number 1 passes the ball to player number 2 who shoots on goal. Player number 3 runs on the second post. It is very important that player number 3 runs in front of the goal and then on the opposite side from where the corner kick was taken in order to make space for his teammates. It takes a lot of practice to perform this corner kick well but it is very effective.

Futsal plays – set pieces – corner kick over headint

futsal set pieces
Players are positioned as shown on the picture. Players number 2 and 4 run toward the ball as they want to receive it. In the mean time player number 3, who is positioned in the back, runs toward the opposite side as the corner kick is performed, behind the defenders and receives a high ball which has to be shoot on first touch. It is very important that players number 2 and 4 perform the move as the ball will be passed to either of them and make space for player number 4. Bellow you can see a video showing the described free kick performed in real games.

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  2. Calle says:

    I don’t think these are especially good, since all of them give very very little marginal when a pass is intercepted. One little mistake and the opposing team has immediately a clear break away.

    • Asuman says:

      hello iam in undaga but dont know how i can pay the money needed to recieve all these good documents and information and dvds please advise

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  6. Lionel says:

    These are good set plays, but usually there is a defender on the fast post. How would you score in this situation?

    • Admin says:

      The key is to be positioned a few meters away from the post and make the defender thin you are running away from the post and then run toward the post just before the player kicks the ball. If the opposite team is defending space instead of man to man the attacking player just runs in front of him when the ball is kicked. You should also know that some set plays are good for low defense and others for high defense or even for pressing.

      • Kourtney says:

        Your’s is the inglneitelt approach to this issue.

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