Futsal EURO 2012 started

The Futsal EURO 2012 has finally started. Today were played two matches, one in group A between Croatia and Romania and one in group B between Spain and Slovenia. The first match of the tournament was in the Arena Zagreb at 19.00.

Current European champions Spain won 4:2 against struggling Slovenia. The scorers were: 0:1 Miguelin (15.), 1:1 Fetič (17.), 1:2 Aicardo (26.), 1:3 Torras (29.), 1:4 Torras (30.), 2:4 Mordej (37.). Slovenia showed really good resistance against European Champions Spain, but the experienced Spanish team managed to break the opponent in the second half by scoring 3 goals in 4 minutes.

The second match was played at 21.00 in the Spaladium Arena. Hosting team Croatia managed to won 2:1 against Romania who had several chances in the first half but didn’t score. In the second half Croatia started taking control over the match. They scored in the 23. minute with Marinović and after missing some really great scoring opportunities they get cached by the Romanian team in the 30. minute with Alpar. Croatia then started to play better and managed to score the winning goal with Grcić in the 35. minute. Romania tried to play with five players on the pitch but didn’t succeed.

I would like to mention that if you looked at the games you could see some actions that are described in my previous posts:
– The Romanian team performed a corner kick that is described – here – look for corner kick C.

– The second goal Croatia scored was similar to the action described – here

Another thing I would like to share with you is a pdf file where you can find descriptions of all teams, players and referees participating at the Futsal EURO 2012, descriptions of both the venues where the tournament is taking part and also a lot of other useful information about Futsal EURO 2012 – click here for the file – the file is taken from the official Futsal EURO 2012 website.

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