Futsal tactics – Formation 2-2beg

futsal set pieces
The 2-2 formation is one of the basic formations in futsal. Players are positioned in a square. There are 2 defenders and 2 attackers. This formation is appropriate for amateur or youth teams, because is balanced in attack and defense. When attacking players have to be as wide as they can (to extend the opposite team) but when defending they have to step closer to each other (to cover the space in the middle of the pitch). Players can play this formation without making rotations but they will be very predictable and defenders will in most cases easily cover them. For this purpose the 2-2 formation has evolved in the 2-2 formation with constantly rotations. This means that all players are constantly changing their positions and try to confuse the defenders.If you want to see some attacking tactics for this formation click this link: Futsal tactics (formation 2-2, basic rotation on the sides)

Futsal tactics – Formation 1-2-1int

futsal set pieces
In the 1-2-1 formation we have 1 defender, 2 wingers and 1 target player. Players try to pass the ball to the target player who can shot on goal (if he has enough space) or pass the ball to one of his teammates that has come to assist him. It is crucial that the defender doesn’t lose the ball because his teammates can’t come back in time. If you want to see some attacking tactics for this formation click this link: Futsal tactics (formation 1-2-1) – futsal plays

Futsal tactics – Formation 3-1int

futsal set pieces
In the 3-1 formation we have 3 defenders and 1 attacker (target player) which is positioned very high on the pitch. Defenders try to pass the ball to the target player who can shot on goal (if he has enough space) or pass the ball to one of his teammates that has come to assist him. If you want to see some attacking tactics for this formation click this link: Futsal tactics (formation 3-1) – futsal plays.

Futsal tactics – Formation 3-2int

futsal set pieces
In the 3-2 formation when a team is attacking the goalkeeper comes forward so the team has 1 player more in attack (usually the goalkeeper is replaced with a player unless he is good with his feet). With this formation players don’t change position often. They try to tire the defenders by passing the ball quickly around the pitch. It is important that players wait for clear shots otherwise defenders can take the ball and score. If you want to see some attacking tactics for this formation click this link: Futsal tactics (formation 3-2) – futsal plays

Futsal tactics – Formation 1-2-2adv

futsal set pieces

In the 1-2-2 formation when a team is attacking the goalkeeper comes forward so the team has 1 player more in attack (usually the goalkeeper is replaced with a player unless he is good with his feet). With this formation players don’t change position often. The difference with the 3-2 formation is that the wing players are closer to each other and not on the flanks. With this formation players don’t change position often. They try to tire the defenders by passing the ball quickly around the pitch. It is important that players wait for clear shots otherwise defenders can take the ball and score. If you want to see some attacking tactics for this formation click this link: Futsal tactics (formation 1-2-2) – futsal plays

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