Shooting training session

There are different types of futsal training sessions (technique, shots, physical condition, defense and so on). I will try to tell you how to structure a futsal training session. In my opinion a futsal training session should last around 90 minutes, because in long training sessions players become tired and their concentration falls and they don’t learn as much as they could. Read more.

Before starting the training session a coach must always tell their players what they will be doing and what is the purpose of the training session. If players know what is expected from them are more focused on achieving the goals of a training session. For example for the training session I am about to describe I will tell players that the purpose is scoring as many goals as they can, then I would briefly explain how the training session will go: first warming up, then shooting drills and in the end a futsal game.

Approximately: 10 minutes

A very good way to start a training session is to play a game which is also known from soccer and can be played with different number of players but at least 5. Players are positioned in a circle or square (on a futsal pitch they can play in the goalkeeper area. according on how many players is playing the game we put one or two players inside the area and others are positioned around them. Players on outside have to keep the ball away from the middle player(s). If the middle player(s) touches the ball or it goes out of the playing pitch the player who made a mistake replace the player in the middle. It is good to limit the number of touches outside players have to one or two (this encourages faster play and faster thinking). This game is very suitable for starting a training session because the playing area is small and players don’t have to make long or strong passes which means they will slowly warm up.


Approximately: 15 minutes

Warming up exercises starting and ending with stretching. Warm up exercises prepare the body for further more intense activities. Players must always warm up their body in order to prevent injuries and prepare their bodies for further activities. It is advisable to make always the same exercises in the same order, making a routine. Doing that all players know exactly what the next warm up exercise will be, moreover the body knows that after making that exercises more intense activities are jet to come. It is good to make the same warming up before a match. In that way players will be physically and mentally prepared for intense activities and they will perform better.

Approximately: 10 minutes

Two players are positioned as shown on the picture. We have a goalkeeper, one player at each side of the goalkeeper area and other players positioned into two files in the center of the pitch. The drill starts with a player dribbling around cones. After he reaches the end he passes the ball to the player which is standing diagonally on the other side of the goalkeeper area (1), then he runs away from the ball (2) and suddenly turns around changing his speed and direction (3) at this time the ball is passed to him (4) and he shoots it on goal (5). The player who shoots on goal then goes to make the pass and the player which was passing the ball goes at the end if the line. Players alternate from left and right.


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    Thank you for this drill. As a new futsal coach, I’d say there is a real need for more of these drills for small and large groups. We also need individual drills (repetition drills) for developing foot skills and futsal 1v1 moves. Again, thank you!

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      I’m happy to see that you like my drills. Lately I’ve been very busy, because I was finishing my masters degree and I’m also getting married next week. But I’m planning to publish more drills very soon.

    • Admin says:

      I’ve published a new shooting/attacking drill. Check it out here

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