Highlights from Italy

On our facebook page we added the highlights from 5th match day in Italian Serie A. On the video you can see lots of goals, some really good plays but I would like to show you some stuff you might not notice. First of all when looking at those kinds off videos most people look only at the ball. This is not so bad if you just want to see the goals, but if you want to learn something from the video you have to look wider. For example look at the players who don’t have the ball how they move and make place for their teammates. You can learn a lot of things by watching the video carefully and more than one time. When you think there is something interesting stop the video and look the play again. By doing this you can learn lots of new plays, new moves and see how players move in different situations.

I invite you to look at the video carefully and comment on whatever you find interesting (plays, tactics, saves), just add the time when this happened in the video. To start I will point out two things. The first starts at 4:57, the team is playing with their goalkeeper and they make a really good play, but the goalkeeper saves the shot. It is an interesting move I intend to comment in my future posts. The other thing I would like to show you starts at 11:50. It is an interesting way of positioning the goalkeeper on free kicks. This time it wasn’t successful, but is certainly to consider when positioning on free kicks.

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