How to position in counterattacks

In a futsal game there are a lot of opportunities to make a counterattack. If it is done correctly it can be the most lethal weapon a futsal team can have. But there are some thing futsal players need to learn before they can make a succesfull counterattack. The most important and perhaps the most difficult thing to learn is proper positioning. Counterattacks are always made after the opposite team has lost the ball and is not properly positioned in defense, but the attacking team is also not positioned good, because it was just defending before it steal the ball.

In this kind of situations is very important that the player with the ball is in the middle. There are two options how to achieve this. The player can pass the ball to his teammate in the middle of the pitch or he can run with the ball to the middle and his teammate makes the opposite run. The second option is much better because with such a move defenders get more confused and they have more difficulties to defend. Putting the ball in the middle of the pitch is important because shoots from there are more likely to be successful than from the sides and defenders don’t know if the player will shoot or pass the ball to his teammate(s) on the side. The middle player has always much more solutions than players on the sides. Below is a video of a properly made counterattack even if the finishing pass is not very accurate but they score anyway.

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